Social Conditioning

Let’s face it, our educational system trains (or brainwashes) us to be conformists, to do what others tell us to do, and to prepare for a JOB, not an entrepreneurial business opportunity. So those of us who crave our independence and freedom, head in that direction in spite of our education, rarely because of it. It so happened that school is the factory of employment.:) we are all victim…because the institution taught us how to be a good employee.  Real example, Mr. Bill Gates, he was the drop out student of a famous Harvard University and less admired by mentors during his school days but when he become a person of being Bill Gates he was then invited and given an award by the school. 

 School teaches us that we are not smart enough to start a business of our own…especially college. It brainwashes us to believe that our only option is to work for someone else. Absolutely social conditioning. Most people do not have a single original thought after childhood. They just go through life trying to live up to the standards imposed on them by their social group. They learn to not ask questions early or risk being ostracized very early in their youth. And the most effective social conditioning is the simplest, requiring only repetition for most people to accept it as “truth”. For example, we live in a Republic where the rights and freedoms of everyone is supposed to be respected as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. But through social conditioning we are brainwashed to believe in the value of “democracy” where the opposite is true. Democracy is a where the masses vote away the rights of the minority since the minority doesn’t have enough votes. Ironically those same minorities that lose their rights (like gays being able to marry) are the same ones to think that only selfish people want to live in a constitutional republic. Given enough time the masses will vote themselves everything. You cannot take away something from fools once you’ve given it to them, even if the fools know that they shouldn’t have it in the first place. So from birth we are conditioned that we must go to school to learn the bare minimum required to go to work for someone else and the only way that someone will hire us or others respect us is if we go to college, just another huge business. We are not taught to make deals or work with other leaders as potential partners and equals. We are taught only to be mindless sheep. And those who break their conditioning and try to enlighten the other sheeple are just attacked by the same people who they are trying to liberate. This is the fundamental story of the New Testament. The one who was trying to free the minds of others is now only seen as a “know it all” and to otherwise only be a symbol of their shame. As a result the one who tried to save others is now the one who needs to be rescued since, throughout history, the mob will attack anyone who teaches them the nature of their enslavement. Present to the mob Jesus or Barbaras and the mob will choose Barbaras every time. It’s like I have always said, if Jesus was to come back today. the same people who pretend to “speak” for Jesus (pastors, preachers, teachers, politicians, etc) will be the first ones to crucify Jesus…since they are all not only a product of this conditioning but those who fight to protect it. Since the source of their money and power is to keep people stupid. Those who are the most hopelessly enslaved are those who falsely believe themselves to be free, especially free to choose. But they are trained to react rather than stop and think. Even if they stop and think they NEVER EVER ask questions. They do not know how to do something so simple. So not only is it social conditioning, it is the most basic form of brainwashing.